Sunday, January 13, 2019


Another Begonia that I got last year and grow so healthy.
Look... we could check the stem that I got on October last year in the picture below.

It was on the right side.
The little plant on the center have turned into  two beautiful plants that I have posted before. 

Now... the stems have turned into two beautiful foliage.

The foliage is so beautiful...
I like the edge of the leaf... it seem like a row of thorns...

Thanks God for the beautiful world.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


In the end of October, I did monitoring in several public health facilities.
And as usual I went home with some plants to be grown in our garden to add our plant collections.
I took some cuttings of begonia.
From five varieties that I have planted, three varieties have grown so lush.
There are two varieties that grow beautifully more than our expectation.
As I remember, it come from one pot of Begonia plant.
Look... I'm having two different plants right now.

Both of them have similar foliage... brown leaves.
But they have different flower.

The first one is a single petal with pinkish color.

And the second is the multiple petals with the pinkish color too. 

The flower is almost similar to Violces or roses.

So beautiful...

Both of them are still growing in little pots, and they have to be moved to bigger pot soon.
Thanks GOD...

Sunday, December 30, 2018


In October I purchased Dahlia's seeds from online nursery.
From ten seed all germinated successfully.
Then nine seedling have moved into individual pots.
They all grew so lush, so I decided to practice propagation by cutting. 
I cut the shoots or stem, by 2-3 inter nodes.
And let the 'mother plant with 2-3 inter nodes from the base.
From nine plants, I only let a plant from my cutting experiment, caused by it had already popped up a flower  bud, a sign of blooming.
I got more than ten cuttings, and planted them to be rooted.

Such a shame, from all cuttings, only two cuttings have grown and rooted successfully, and the others have decayed and died.

The six 'mother plants' also got rotten and died too.
It might be caused by a lots of reasons.
We have lots of rain almost everyday, high humidity and many more...

From three plants remain, two plants looks so poor...
Their leaves looks a bit curly and had copper color.
I don't know how treat them.
Any ideas please... I need your advice, friend... please...

But I'm lucky I still have a healthy plant remain.
Now... It's showing us its beautiful flower.

I'm not sure... It may Dahlia 'Dandy Mix'.
Now the plant have moved into drying area to keep it from rain.

Thanks God...

Thursday, December 27, 2018


 Every time I pass this pathway, my eyes always stuck on this raised bed.
Yes, this raised bed is full of volunteers.
Lots of self growing plants and some of plants that grown from cutting.

The most interactive plant is Polka Dot leaves.

I took a short  cutting of Polka Dot leaves from my aunt on June.
I planted the cutting on the edge of the raised bed.

Now, it grows like crazy.
Growing here and there.

A beautiful foliage...

Actually, I have two varieties of Polka Dot leaves.
Another one has green color as a base color, and the pinkish splash just in a little amount. 

I took the cutting from a road side last year, when I on the way home from checking a landslide area.

At the first time, I think both of them were the same variety.
But, the leaves looks different each other time by time.

Thank GOD...

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Rainy season is a hard time for me on gardening.
Only limited time to do garden chores.
Too wet and so damp in some parts...
Some plants finally rotten and died.
They didn't strong enough against the strong rainfall.
Just limit time to check the garden. 
Looking at our collections during the short sunny period this week.

The orchid patch on the brick wall made me happy and sad too...
Their growth is amazing...
Lots of new shoots, it means lots of new plants too...

The roots are growing intensively, sticking on the brick wall or stones in order to stronger the plant.

I found so many spike on Dendrobrium, ... ahhh... I can't wait to see the blooms.

The reddish Epidendrum setting fruits

One fruits have broken, and it might have already spread the seed...

Finding new spike on Epidendrum...

This Eria was so charming...

A simple orchid that grows naturally on our brick wall.
So lucky...

Such a shame... I have missed the first bloom....
The first bloom have already withered.

Hoping they all will safe and grow well here in our garden...