Friday, May 24, 2019


Several days ago we wanted to cook chicken with traditional Javanese recipe.
But some of the spices have used up.
But we were lucky... we have some spices that we needed in our garden.

So we reloaded the clump of laos or lengkuas (Alpinia galanga) on the neglected raised bed.

Actually that clump have already reloaded, and we have cut off the leaves several weeks ago.

When we tidied up our back yard, all of the galanga leaves were removed.

We use the rhizome as spice.
This was the rhizome after the root and dirt have removed.

It has aromatic flavor.
It's used in common Javanese dishes.

This was the clump on the neglected raised bed several weeks ago.

This plant is a member of Zingiberaceae family.

Look... the leaves are similar to ginger plant.
Thanks GOD...

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


This is our one and only Spathoglottis... a kind of orchid.
Spathoglottis is evergreen, terrestrial herbs with crowded pseudobulbs just below the surface of the soil and a few large, pleated leaves. 
The flowering stem emerges from a pseudoblulb and bears medium-sized, colorful flowers. 
I have ever collected white, purple and yellow spathoglottis.
But this is the only one that remain.
here... we can find this orchid grows wildly in the slopes or wood side.
So natural...

After we reloaded the first compost bin, and the second compost bin have already full, finally I put the spathoglottis above the second compost bin.

So... we can enjoy the beautiful bloom from our kitchen door.

I like both of the color and shape.

Cheering our shady backyard...

Thanks GOD for this beautiful flower.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Finding this beautiful spot in front of the garage. 

Poor Marigold plants on the edge of the drive way.

But its beautiful flowers really cheering our messy front yard.

love the color...

The simple beauty...

The single petal

Multiple petal

Have you finish Mom... I'm so sleepy...

Thanks GOD.

Monday, May 13, 2019


Several days ago, when we visited our home town, our village, we found lots of coffee plants in so many stage of growth, so many stage of age.

There were lots of old plants, middle ages and so many seedlings.

The first leaves ....

The first true leaves...

Of course they were self seedlings coffee plants.
They might be came from fallen ripe fruits (red cherry coffee fruit) from the tree, then sprouted naturally on the ground.

It's remind me in to my childhood.

The memories have flown away...

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Finding an interesting thing on the way home from my mother's grave.
That grave is surrounded by a little wood with lots of wild coffee plants and bamboo clumps.

Yeah... so may wild mushroom were growing beautifully on the the old tree base.

Growing together with moss and self growing coffee seedlings.

They looks growing so happy there on the cool and humid place.

Enjoying the beauty of the wildlife...

I'm not sure they were edible.

Thanks GOD...

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Rainy season is a lovely time for gardening... but some times that's really hard time for gardener.
Plants growing like crazy as well as weed... 
Growing here and there ... grow wildly...

A bit mess... on the orchid patch.
moss and weed on the wall accompany the orchid plants.

The raised bed looks so full...

The betel plant is growing like crazy.
Growing high, climbing on to the water tower. 

The plants on the raised bed looks so poor.

Both of plants and weed are jostling...

The vine of Kara bean is spreading here and there.
Reaching every things and then thread it.
The vine is also taking over the path way.

The ruined plants are still existing there.

The betel vine and pumpkin are jostling on the wall.
Some of cosmos and zinnias are collapsing then covering the path way.

The bean vine is growing wildly dangling like a curtain.

Some parts of the vine are laying on the path way.

Crossing the path way and laying on the other raised bed.

Need to be tidying up soon.
And I need some help too...