Sunday, February 19, 2017


Several days ago I visited Dieng Plateau in order to monitor environment progress after a natural explosion in a geothermal well there.
During monitoring process, my eyes couldn't stop watching beautiful calla lilies that blooming there.
This plant is grown in almost home garden and also office yard there.

The weather is so cool here.
We can find some of Calla lilies grow wildly in the damp area.
So lush, so fertile...
In that area, there are some marshy land that really suitable for its growth.
Both of the foliage and flower look huge, much bigger than common home garden Calla lily.
The height of the clump was up to 1.5 meter, even more. 
Such a shame I couldn't take any pictures of them, cause the weather was so foggy and windy.

I have ever grown Calla lily in our garden several years ago, but not success.
Actually, I wanted to take home some of plants to be grown in our garden, but the plans wasn't realized.
I hope someday I can grow it.
Now... just enjoy the borrowed Calla lily.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


This season we are growing kapri or green pea, as third trial.

Actually it's not easy to grow this plant in our hot weather.

Our first and second trial didn't give good result. 
This trial seem almost similar to the trials before.

The pea looks so slim and so rare.

It may the space is a part shady area or another reason.

Just enjoying the little flower.

Reader, please sharing me about your experience.
So, It may make my pea patch becomes better.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This season we are growing two varieties of Zucchini in our terrace garden.
Actually we showed three varieties, but only two varieties germinated.
And now they have grew more than as a seedling.

The seedlings are still staying on the broccoli pots.

Some flowers have bloomed.
It may it's too late to transplant into bigger pots.
But I hope they will grow better on the new containers.
I wish...

Monday, February 13, 2017


Something that makes me so happy is  finding a productive volunteer in our tiny garden.
We have two self seedlings tomato in the corner of our first raised bed.
Growing so lush...

The little fruit have formed in January.

And now it have already turn reddish.

Get ripen...
I think it's tomato 'Mawar'.
Mawar means rose.

It might to much shade here, needs more sunshine.
Whatever, It's so lovely.
Thank's GOD

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Actually, Brassica is one of my favorite vegetable to be grown in our tiny garden.
So many varieties of Brassica have grown, although not of all of them grow well.
Kailan Winsa is one of the Brassica that we grow this season.
I showed a pinch of the seed on August.
But only three grow into a seedling.

Now, from three of the seedlings, one plant looks so poor, the leaves are yellowish green.

The other one is bolting with the white flowers on it.

And the last one is still in its vegetative stage.

The leaves are so fresh and looks so juicy.

I think, I should learn about growing Brassica in tropics more and more...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Time flies so fast... 
It seem I did something in the garden yesterday, but actually it was a year ago.
Last year, our garden was a bit brighter.
We could find so various edible plants here.
The corner side last year...

This was the corner in the early of January this year.

The wall...last year.

And the wall this January...

The third raised bed last year.

The third raised bed on January...

The fourth and fifth raised bed on January.

The second raised bed on January...

Needs time to plan a new design and new plant list to be grown...