Thursday, July 11, 2019


Yesterday, I backed home and found something on my husband shoe on the porch.

A cracked pomegranate fruit have fallen on to the ground.
Then broken...

The fruit might be have already ripen.
Some reddish seeds were scattered around the pathway.

Not sure about the taste of the fruit.
We have never found a good ripen fruit, always cracked.
Hoping next we can find better ripen fruits.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


On Sunday I found a huge mushroom on the compost heap in our backyard.
Wow ... so big...

It seem like a Termitomyces... an edible mushroom that live symbiotic with a kind of termite.

This mushroom was growing on the decomposed paper.

Mostly it's found on the ruin of wooden material on the soil that rich of organic material, especially wood.

The spore have already mature...

It stuck strongly on the pile of decomposed paper.

Look... we still found some piece of paper on its root.
So exciting...

Thanks GOD for this special thing in our tiny garden.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


This was our composting unit that I put it on the roof garden.

It seem like the unit never full enough time by time.
It might more than eight months, but haven't already full.
I thought that composting period in our area is about three months.

So... I harvested the compost, and sorted it into fine compost and rough compost.

These were our fine compost...
Then we added it on to the pots on the roof garden. 

And we put into the composting unit the rough materials, and keep them continuing the composting process.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


A simple gift for my birthday from my lovely husband...


This was about two weeks ago... a very very late post...
yeah... I got sick after this moment, and I had to take a rest for about two weeks.
No blogging post... no gardening activities..
We had tidied up a raised bed that moment... me and my garden helper...

This was the raised bed before it was tidied up...
full of weed and old plant.

Then... pulled out the weed and old crop.

A little dig...

Adding coco peat, egg shells and wood ashes on to the bed...

Spreading crushed egg shells...

Spreading wood ashes from the stove...

But I was lucky... I worked with my garden helper...

The raised bed was ready for new planting season...

Using wooden board for tidying up the soil surface and made planting line.

The various seedling that ready to be grown on the raised bed.

All seedling have already planted on the raised bed.

The veggies have already planted...

Now... we can't wait to see the veggies grow well and ready to be harvested.