Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 On July 2011, I got a most  memorable moment in my life. 
My little brother got married July 3rd and my mother was passing away one day later.  
My mother loved my terrace garden so much. 
When she was visiting my house, the first place that she visited was my terrace garden. 
She usually stayed there for a long time. 
She often gave me some advice about planting and growing plant. 
After she passed away, I took a break for a moment in gardening. 
I loosed my passion. 
My garden looked so messy. 
Poor garden.... 
The weed grew rapidly, some plants were dry caused drought. 
Oh... no...

Bitter gourd, hot chilli pepper, green bean, tomatoes and cucumber

 3 days later, I found cosmos leaves...

Look the broccoli ! They were growing well. 
Lettuce looks so fresh on candy plastic jars.  
I planted cauliflowers and chilli pepper in  the cooking oil plastic-pouch.

3 days later....

Chinese cabbage on paint bucket...

2 weeks later....

 Look the chinese cabbage row.... 
Hot peppers in plastic cases and sweet basils behind them

 2 weeks later....


 Caisins, loofa, bitter gourds, tomatoes and cucumbers

Look the  creamy white hot pepper...!  It's really hot. 
Javanese was called them "LOMBOK SETAN", it's means devils hot pepper

 Green beans, green amaranths, cucumbers, bitter gourd and tomatoes

 The red amaranths and sweet basils look so fresh...

 tomatoes and cucumbers

 the seedling path...

July was over, I had a lot of progress . 
It made me happy...
So... Please wait for the next picture...!


  1. I love seeing a peek into your little place...plants grow so well there.
    See you later Teresa

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you always enjoy my blog. See you...

  2. Sorry about your mother passing. I am glad you are gardening again.

    1. Thank you for your attention. Gardening is my hobby. It make me happy dan healthy. Sadness will go on. Thanks God. Have a nice day