Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Rainy season has come...
We have been having rainy days since last week. 
So refreshing...
Windy rain and downpour make our tiny garden looks so messy.
Some slim twigs with bountiful leaves finally broken and the other were collapsed.
It was not easy for us to tidy up our garden, we only have limited time to do outdoors activities caused by unpleasant weather and also lots of works to be done.

Last Sunday, we had a sunny morning and we tidied up our garden.
We cut lots of branches and slim trees.
Hoping they will grow compactly soon.
My husband worked with his saw, and my daughter collected the fallen leaves and put them on the compost bin.

A tiring day...
Now our garden looks so bright...

Only a high tree and 'dwarf' trees remain.
We hope they will safe from the wind.

Then I put a pot of little fruit tree here, to keep this space green.
More sun shine... so I hope this little tree becomes fruiting soon.

'Sorry Mom, I'm so tired... Let me take a nap...'


  1. What type of little fruit tree is in the pot?

    1. That's srikaya (Annona squamosa). A tropical fruit,I will share you the progress about this tree next.

  2. Your husband did a good job, sometimes it's necessary to take the saw and cut. I think in your country even more than here, because it's warm and when the rain falls in buckets it's warm and humid so everything will grow like mad I suppose. Your cat found the best spot in the shade, lovely.

    1. Yes, you're right, Janneke. The plants always grow like crazy in our garden during the rainy season. Lots of work to be done to keep our garden clean and tidy.

  3. It really looks very neat now, and the kitty is adorable!

  4. That is a lot of hard work. But it all looks really excellent!

  5. A lot of work but it's good when everything's tidied up. Your cat is gorgeous.

  6. The photo with the cat in it, that looks like a wonderful place to have a cup of tea! have a wonderful weekend ...

  7. Your garden looks nice and tidy. So great that the entire family helped out. What a sweet cat!

  8. Disini pun musim hujan Endah..
    saya pun tengah mencari pokok srikaya mahu ditanam..suka makan buahnya..