Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Beginning of this year was a busy time for us, and the weather was terrible too. 
So, I couldn't spend enough time to do gardening as well.
We needed lots of time to tidy up our garden, especially our terrace garden.
From January to April, we were in rainy season.
All grow so fast, especially the weed.
The terrace garden looks so messy, made me despair.
I needed more than three day full to tidy up this space.
Weeding, reloading the soil, rearranging the pots and also replanting.
We can check how the progress...
The garden on April and May on the same angle....

Northern side

Now : mustard green cauliflower, tomato and okra

North side : poor cabbages, and eggplant

Now... a row of okra (lady finger)
East side : a row of messy and weedy eggplants

Now... mint, eggplant, cabbages and purple peppers
South rack : some foliage, fern, tomatoes and bitter gourd

Now: garlic chives, okra, and mustard green.

West rack : poor parsley...
Now... healthy parsley

West rack : weedy patch with parsley, green onion, eggplant and red basil

Now... mustard green, parsley moss curled, okra, red cabbage, pakcoy, lettuce red rapid, red amaranth, green onion and kangkung.

This is the same object from different angle, a row of white pots of strawberry

Pare (bitter gourd) vine climbing on the wire.


  1. In your climate it all is growing so much faster than here. But I´m also behind in the garden, April and May are growing months,we were on holiday, so there is a lot of weeding to do. All your vegetables are looking so healthy and green by now.
    Wish you happy gardening! I´m off to the garden too.

  2. So much eat later! Great job and what a neat garden, Endah.

  3. Excelente trabalho, gostei.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  4. I think it looks wonderful! You are very organized: I like the way you have all the pots lined up so well. So many beautiful edibles!