Friday, July 15, 2016


Last week we had a vacation, so we had time to visit our big family and also relatives.
You might be still remember with a little house in the rice field.
Yes... that's  our granny's house.
What a shame, I forgot to take any pictures of it.
You can see the green scenery of this place last year here.

The rice field looked green.
Some of the field was  after the harvesting time.

And the other was on seedling stage...

On the other part we can find the corn fields on so many stage of growth.
Multiple cropping was applied here.

We can find so many annual plants such as chilli pepper, caladium, colocasia, corn and cassava. 
Some perennial plant that grown here were banana, a kind of mango and jackfruit.

Corn was the main crop here at this time.
Walk a long the path way through the corn field.

The little pond in front of the farmhouse was still clear and fresh with the spring water.
But the pond became narrower, the edge of the pond was full of sediment.
And the weed and the other wild plants were growing so lush here.

We still found a row of roses in front of her garden.
Some roses were in blooming.

Thanks GOD for the green sight.