Thursday, June 1, 2017


Such a shame...
I couldn't connect with the internet for several days.
We got problem with my netbook and android.
I used two blogging with these gadgets. 
I couldn't take any pictures from our home garden.
So, finally I opened some albums from the flash disc and find.

That was a picture of our eastern backyard on 2015.

A bit messy but so lovely in my opinion, cause this bed was so productive.

Cabbage, edible cosmos, three varieties of amaranth and other greens grew so healthy here.

Enjoying the red color...

At that time this place was getting an abundant sunshine, no shade.

Although, I had to share the greens with caterpillar and grasshoppers.
Remembering the beauty...


  1. Amaranth is fascinating. Believe it or not, it works well with cut flowers, too (I know because a friend gave me some one time for some arrangements at church). How do you prepare your Amaranth? I've tried it a couple of ways and I haven't been very impressed--maybe I just need a good recipe. Sorry to hear about your Internet travails. :(

    1. Thanks, Beth. We use to cook the amaranth as soup, boiled salad, deep fry like as chip, stir-fry, omelet and many more.

  2. Do you cook amaranth or do you serve it more as a salad green raw? If you do you cook it does it keep its red colouring?

    1. We mostly cook amaranth.Yes, the red color of the leaves will turn green, the red pigment will turn into another ingredient.

  3. Your garden amazes me, I could imaging what you could do with five acres.

    1. Thank you, Teresa. Having my own Wide garden is my dream, but it's hard to be realized