Thursday, March 23, 2017


Our eastern balcony looks a bit different this month.
This is the view of our balcony this morning.

Some new plants here...

The row of Mini pakcoy white is still stunning.
Although some time got drought, cause we forgot to watering them.

I have moved the Siomak or lettuces 'Pointed Leaf' on to the floor.

Cause too much risk to keep them on the balcony wall.
They looks so fresh here.

Then I put new grown vegetables, 'Sawi Hijau' a kind of mustard.

Six pots of mini Pakcoy white looks so cute.

I also grow Sawi hijau on two gutters.

Looks so healthy, although some of them were chewed by the grasshoppers.

Three lettuces 'Butterhead' have already bolted.

I put them under  the gutter.

In each corner there's a pot of 'Queen of The Night' that bloomed last night.

These are the blossomed Ephypilum.
Not so special...

I hope they will grow better here...

Monday, March 20, 2017


On Friday, me and my friend visited a landslide location on the high land in a farmland. 

Yes, this was a smallholders-farmland.

They mostly grow potato here.

Did observation and reporting.

Actually the landslide was happened last year in October.

A mini adventure...
Walking through the bushes in the rain.

Hiking the slippery path.

Climbing the rocky cliff.
Adrenaline pumped...

'The ruin' of the cliff have already 'recovered' naturally.
Some of wild plants grow naturally.

This place has beautiful scenery.

We can find so many hot spring water, and also hot creek too.
Look the steam from the creek...

Although the usual temperature here is so cool, but we can warming up our body using natural hot water.

Enjoy the work and sight...
Beautiful scenery ...

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Our eastern backyard looks so mess.
Lots of rains makes all plant grow so fast, especially the weed and wild plants.
The climbers are growing like crazy.

Several varieties of wild ferns are growing so lush on the both of brick and stone wall.
They all grow naturally, I think the spores were spread and flown by the wind.

When I tidied up our back yard I feel these ferns are too bad to be discarded.
Especially these ferns at the corner.

Actually, I pulled out some of ferns from the wall.
But this one looks so lush.

Such a shame to be wasted.

And I think it only need to be pruned, so it will be looked more beautiful.
Let them grow wildly, naturally...

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This is a lovely morning.
A sunny warm morning, with so many aromaticscent from our front yard.
From the drive way near the gate we only found three of the Kemuning flower (Murraya paniculata) were blooming.

Actually this little tree is so poor. 
It's shaded by lemon tree, so the flower is so rare.
If the plant get lots of sunshine, so the flowers will set in a big cluster with about 6-10 blossom in the same time.
Tiny white flower like as jasmine.

Although we only have two or more blossom, but the scent is so fascinating.
Thanks GOD...

Monday, March 13, 2017


We have been having rain from last night.
So wet and cool...
When the sun  finally shining although too late.
Some colors are shining in our front yard.

The special thing is the peach euphorbia.
This plant is usually stopping bloom during the rainy season, cause the weather is so wet and cool in our garden, and also too much shade here.
Actually Euphorbia is really love sunshine, dry and hot weather.

So... it's why I say it looks special.
Even more the color is so beautiful!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Yesterday, I got the seeds that I have ordered by online nursery several days ago.
This weekend I'm planning to sow these seeds.
It's reminding me to souvenir that I got on January.
Yes, on January my husband went home with two packs of vegetable seed. 
These seed was a souvenir from his student's weeding ceremony.
Unusual souvenir!

Thank you so much...

Brown paper bag from recycled paper looks so environmental friendly.
When the paper bags were opened, I'm finding two different seeds inside.

Three red seeds are Pare (Momordica charantina) or bitter gourd.

And the tiny black seeds are Bayam Hijau or green amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor).

I can't wait to 'meet' the weekend.
Sowing time...

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Our front yard seem so fresh this morning.
Fresh air and also fresh aroma from so many white flowers from our front yard.
Lots of white jasmine are blooming next to the stony wall.
The smell is so lovely.

And the flower is so beautiful too...

On the western side there's a exotic scent from white Mondokaki (Tabernaemontana divaricata).

From the entrance, we are getting fresh aroma from lemon flowers and Kemuning flowers (Murraya paniculata).
Starting the day with fresh aroma from white flowers...