Tuesday, January 8, 2019


In the end of October, I did monitoring in several public health facilities.
And as usual I went home with some plants to be grown in our garden to add our plant collections.
I took some cuttings of begonia.
From five varieties that I have planted, three varieties have grown so lush.
There are two varieties that grow beautifully more than our expectation.
As I remember, it come from one pot of Begonia plant.
Look... I'm having two different plants right now.

Both of them have similar foliage... brown leaves.
But they have different flower.

The first one is a single petal with pinkish color.

And the second is the multiple petals with the pinkish color too. 

The flower is almost similar to Violces or roses.

So beautiful...

Both of them are still growing in little pots, and they have to be moved to bigger pot soon.
Thanks GOD...