Sunday, April 21, 2019


Rainy season is a lovely time for gardening... but some times that's really hard time for gardener.
Plants growing like crazy as well as weed... 
Growing here and there ... grow wildly...

A bit mess... on the orchid patch.
moss and weed on the wall accompany the orchid plants.

The raised bed looks so full...

The betel plant is growing like crazy.
Growing high, climbing on to the water tower. 

The plants on the raised bed looks so poor.

Both of plants and weed are jostling...

The vine of Kara bean is spreading here and there.
Reaching every things and then thread it.
The vine is also taking over the path way.

The ruined plants are still existing there.

The betel vine and pumpkin are jostling on the wall.
Some of cosmos and zinnias are collapsing then covering the path way.

The bean vine is growing wildly dangling like a curtain.

Some parts of the vine are laying on the path way.

Crossing the path way and laying on the other raised bed.

Need to be tidying up soon.
And I need some help too...


  1. I admire your garden and wonderful plants.

  2. We are getting much more rain than normal, Endah, so I can relate to your garden. It is spring here -- my favorite season when my garden comes to life. If only it would stop raining I could spend more time outdoors. P. x

  3. We're just the opposite so little rain.

  4. I like your garden so green and lush.