Thursday, October 31, 2019

FESTIVAL KOPI JAWA TENGAH (Central Java's Coffee Festival)

Last weekend we had an interesting event .... Festival Kopi or Coffee Festival,  that explore all about coffee from Central Java Province. 

There were so many supporting activities during this festival.
Coffee expo, talk show, roasting experiment, cupping test competition, latte art demo, live music, traditional dance performance, free coffee, modification food made of coffee and many more.

There were so many booths from cities in Central Java. 

Such a shame... I only had limited time to enjoy that festival.
These are the simple report about this festival...

Talk show about coffee on the main stage.

So many coffee booths, specialty coffee...

Various coffee products...

Little Coffee tree on the pot...

Red cherry coffee fruits

Green cherry coffee fruits

A barista in action with local coffee

Green bean coffee, and roasting coffee bean


Processing machine

Various products made of coffee