Tuesday, February 2, 2021


February 2... was a sad morning for us.

Our lovely fruit tree was collapsed.

After rain with the wind a long the night, we found our garden a bit mess.

But... we have never thought if our Ceremai tree (Phyllantus acidus) would fallen on to the ground.

This tree was about seven years old, the height was about six meters.
Grew on a 'tiny' pot ... of course... actually I should moved it on to bigger pot several years ago.

Look... the root have already came out from the pot and got in to the ground.

Some fruits still hanging on the branches.

Then we cut down this tree.

And let the base...

We will move it in to bigger pot soon...

The space looked a bit brighter.

We are lucky, we ... found some babies...

some new self grown trees have already for the 'next generation'.
Hoping they will grow well and being productive.



  1. So sorry to hear about your tree but happy to see that you have some babies to nurture and grow. Stay well.

  2. Oh, that is sad. But it is good to see there will be new growth and new trees.

  3. Dearest Endah,
    Oh my, what a pity that you never gave that huge tree a roomier pot to draw food from. Naturally it toppled... no other way to go.
    My Pieter has been very, very weak; we both feared the worst. No Covid, both of us tested negative and luckily it also was not his heart but the lungs. Guess when he brought me to the Vision Eye Center for surgery on December 17, in the waiting room, some other patient maybe was sick with a virus. So we both got it and it nearly killed my Pieter... The ultrasound showed the lining of his lungs got damaged and needed to restore with lots and lots of REST. That is the toughest thing for my husband to manage but he DID this time and he's better, he regained already one kilogram in weight and is getting stronger. It is now two months that we have not biked. I've started to walk with a friend and her big dogs, feels good. So now you know why I did not always visit blogs during this most critical period...
    On January 14 we both got our Covid vaccine and the 2nd on the 18th of February; good feeling!

    PS On January 28 I had surgery on my other eye and my Pieter did drive me home again, via Interstate is 91 km one way... Feeling so proud of him!

    1. Oh, my lovely friend, I'm so sorry... I didn't know about your condition. But I'm happy that both of you became better and better. Yeah, during January and February I had lots of works to be done, that's really hectic, depressing period. But I have to keep strong and healthy.
      Oh yeah, on February 27, I got my first covid vaccine. Hoping we all will be better and stronger.
      Stay safe and healthy.
      Thank You, Mariette.

  4. Your tree, Endah, growing in a small pot decided to sprout new trees in a soil, perhaps it felt it could die. Now you have new ones, growing well and the rest of old tree that surely will grow again.

    1. Yes, I think so. I will have two 'new' plants. Thank you Nadezda.

  5. O sayang!
    How do you eat the fruits.
    Here in my country we eat it with salt and "belacan" :)

    1. We use to make 'manisan' or sweetened fruit from this fruit