Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This rainy season, my garden is blessed.
I have a lot of problems with my internet during this rainy season. The down pour and stormy days make so many problem on the internet connection.
It's not easy to upload a post.
No time for blog walking, is so annoying.
But, my Azalea gives me a little treat.
Yes... this is for the first time my Azalea bears lots of flowers, since I grew it on 2012.
This plant usually show me one or two flowers.
Maybe just 6-8 flowers each year, it's really low quantity!
But look now... more than twenty flowers bearing on this plant.

 On my hot tropical climate, it's not easy to keep this plant flowering.
We can find so many Azalea grow so well on the high land tropics with cool weather around the year.

My Azalea needs more than a year to adapt the warm humid weather in my garden.

When the first flower was bearing more than a year ago, I felt so happy.
That was a good signal, I'm sure this plant adaptable to the condition of my garden .

Now, every time I cross my front yard, I always stop by for a moment to enjoy the beauty of my Azaleas.

I feel so happy...
I have been waiting this moment more than two years.

I'm dreaming that some day my Azalea will grow so lush and the plant full covered by the beautiful flowers.
That's so fantastic...

I'm also finding some full blooming Azaleas with brownish spotted on their petals, I think they were crushed by the down pour that fall almost everyday.

Please enjoy the beauty from my garden...


  1. I can imagine about your happiness to see at last flowers in the Azalea. It gives you so much satisfaction when you are rewarded for all the efforts with growing and flowering of plants.

    1. You're right! For gardener on the subtropics area, nothing special with this plant. But for me, there are a lot if work to make it flowering.

  2. They produce lovely colourful displays in parks and gardens over here in late spring. So many different colours

    1. Yes, you're right. It makes me so jealous.

  3. We now come winter. Flowers will flourish only at home on windowsills. I envy climate in which everything so beautifully growing. Send smiles :)

    1. You gives me a lesson, that weather is so valuable for us and for our gardens too.

  4. Tingginya pokok Azalea Endah. Saya minat bunga ini. Biasa beli dan tanam. Jenis renek tapi tidak kekal lama. Dua kali berbunga kemudian terus kering dan mati.

    1. Mungkin itu tipe yang suka cuaca dingin, dan kurang mampu beradaptasi dengan cuaca panas.

  5. Winter for us and rainy season for you. Beautiful Azalea's what a lovely flower to enjoy in your garden. Thank you for sharing...Enjoy your morning in your lovely country.

    1. Thank you, Teresa! Have a wonderful week with your family!