Thursday, November 6, 2014


These are the new comers on my garden.
Last weekend I bought four little fruit trees to be planted as potted plants in my garden.
There are 'Jambu Kristal' a kind of seedless guava, wax guava ' Jambu Cincalo', Kedondong (Spondias sp) and Mandarin orange or  'Jeruk Siem'.
I have planned to add more fruit trees, so I can pick more various fruits from my own garden.

These are my kedondong...

There are tree little fruit hanging on the tree.

I can wait to see them get bigger and ripen.
It must be so fresh....

And  this is my 'Jambu kristal'.
I have ever grown this variety before, and it gave me some fresh fruits.
The taste is so sweet and  texture is so crispy.
Look ... there are some over bloomed flowers and several flower buds on the tree.
Oh please... I can wait to pick and taste the ripen fruits....

I hope no bugs and no fallen little fruits...
All will grow so healthy.
I wish....


  1. Saya masih tertunggu nak lihat jambu mini ini membesar...

  2. They are lucky to be in your garden, I suspect that they will do nicely.

  3. Fruittrees are indispensable in our gardens but I think difficult to keep them in tubs. But they will grow in your garden, you have really green fingers.

    1. Thank you, Janneke. I think growing fruit trees on the pots is not easy, needs a hard work to keep them grow healthy and productive.

  4. I hope they produce the most beautiful fruits for you friend! Do let us know how it goes as it is a dream of mine to grow some fruit trees in pots for my own garden! Happy weekend! Nicole xo

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I hope so. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week!