Thursday, December 31, 2015


When I was tidying up my backyard, I found an interesting sight.

A huge Calladium leaf...
It was a kind of wild calladium.
So various calladium grow like crazy during the rainy season.
It was a self grown calladium that popped up from  the compost heap.
A very wide leaf...

These are the normal leaves...

And there was a stalk of flower there.

A simple flower...

A beauty from the compost heap...

Just beautiful...


  1. Impressive! I always notice these growing beautiful in the creeks and drainage ditches in Malaysia. Back in the US you have to plant and carefully tend them, and more often than not they seem to be unhappy, which is why I have yet to give them a try.

    1. You're right. This plant is really love humid and warm areas. It's hard to grow this plant in your climate.

  2. This is even tricky to grow indoors here and I have never seen it flower. It tends to be grown for the beautiful leaves.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is a big leaf! I have grown them as indoor plants in the past, but when grown in pots they have rather small leaves. I guess your compost heap was a good place to grow :-)

    1. Yes, I think so, Helene. When we do digging the tubers usually cut and spread, then every part of the tuber will grow into new plants.

  4. Feliz ano novo!
    Seguimos nossa caminhada na construção de um mundo mais justo, fraterno, humano, harmonioso e de doação.
    Todos somos promotores da Paz...que começa em nossos corações e se estende a tudo que nos rodeia!!!
    Obrigada por fazer parte da minha história de vida!
    UM ABENÇOADO 2016!!!!