Monday, December 7, 2015


Such a lovely thing!
I get something that I really want it for a long time.
Yeah, I have been growing Ceremai manis (Phillanthus acidus) since four years ago.
Ceremai is well known as country gooseberry or star berry.
This is the second time the little tree fruiting.
The first fruiting time was about two years ago, but I haven't taste the fruit yet cause the down pour and fruit flies make the fruits have fallen before ripen.
I planted it on a medium pot, it might be too small, cause the tree is growing higher and higher.
These were the flower buds on September.

These were the flowers nearly blooming.

And here they are the little fruits today...

We only find the leaves on the top of the trunk, so high...
Looks like 'compete' with the pumpkin vine, passion fruit vine and also plumeria.

The slim and long trunk, with three little bunches of fruits.

This bunch is emerged from the bark.

A bunch of little fruits...

The size is so small, only 1-1,5 cm on diameter.
The common ceremai has sour taste, but this one is sweet variety.
I can't wait to see them get ripen and taste the unique fruits.
Mmmm... just imagine how the taste...