Sunday, February 26, 2017


This month, our terrace garden has no interesting progress.
Lots of rain and I mostly went home lately, made I only have limited time to do garden chores.
These are the pictures of the terrace garden this February.

The north side is for Brassica and long pepper.
Lowest row is for long hot pepper.
Then a row of cauliflower above the lowest row.
Two rows of red cabbages look better than before.
The highest row is for broccoli, and the little curd.s have already formed.

The east side is for broccoli and tomato.

And the center row is for tomatoes, paprika, zucchinis and cabbage.

The south side is for striped amaranth, red cabbage, strawberry and lettuce 'Pointed  Leaf'.

I let the morning glory grows among the cabbages.

The last is west side. 
We put mini pakcoy 'Nai Bai' and red pakcoy on the highest row.

The lower row is for Kailan 'Winsa', garlic chives and green pakcoy.
Under the second row, we put a row pakcoy white.

This pakcoy was moved from the balcony two weeks ago, and they look much better here.
The lowest row is for cauliflower.  

Bitter gourd or pare is growing so lush here, climbing on the wire on the west side.
Hoping they will grow better and productive.


  1. Wah semuanya cantik menghijau..suka saya lihat. Dikebun, saya mencuba tanam zuchini buat kali ke 3. Kali pertama sudah berputik tapi pokoknya patah dari pasu kerana terlampau berat. Kali kedua tidak menjadi. Ini kali ke 3 tengah membesar. Harap ada luck

  2. WOw! Soon you will have a lot of vegetables to be harvested! Fantastic!

  3. Our plot is just mainly bare soil at the moment so yours looks enviably productive.

    1. Thank you, Sue. But soon you will find a very nice scenery from your allotment.