Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Our ceremai manis tree (Phyllantus acidus) is really lovely plant.

Look... it's growing so happy in a little pot.

Ah... a lazy gardener, it should be moved into a bigger pot.

Little fruits are hanging here and there.

So lovely...

This fruit is usually candied, cause the taste is so sour.

This is the sweet variety, but I'm not sure the taste is 'real' sweet.

A neglected plant with a bountiful fruits...

The fruit clusters are popping up from the bark.
The picture below was a cluster of fruits several weeks ago.

Its roots might be infiltrate into the ground.

Such a shame, lots of fruits fallen on to the ground.
I still have no idea with the fruits...
Thanks GOD


  1. Interesting, this tree and fruits are completely unknown to me.

  2. Maybe it is enjoying its small pot

  3. Wah lumayan tu..kak indah di Malaysia juga panggil cermai sedap dimakan dengan kicap
    Niza sg petani