Friday, November 29, 2019



The mini tour was a bit tiring, so we went to a restaurant to get lunch.

The restaurant had a traditional concept with lots of open area.
This pretty place was supported by beautiful garden and green neighborhood.
Lots of big tree here...
Really cooling us in the hot sweaty weather.
So many beautiful plant plants were really interesting me.

Especially this one... Flamboyan (Delonix regia) with cheer red flowers.

Stand out on the parking area

It reminded me into my high school. Yes there was a huge Flamboyan tree that always showering us with red fallen petal during the end of the dry season.

so lovely.

Several tall palm trees grow so healthy and very high, touching the sky.

So many mountain stones made the garden looks so awesome.

The Plumeria grows so healthy with its artistic branching.

We found so many beautiful Platycerium or staghorn ferns on the tree, we call it Paku Tanduk Rusa.

We also found lots of Kadaka or Paku sarang Burung (Asplenium nidus) both of on the tree and also among the stones.

I also found this beautiful plant, but have no idea about the ID.
Just Beautiful

Thanks for the lunch.

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