Sunday, July 12, 2020


On Friday, after work I went to a verticulture rack on the corner of parking area in front of our office in order to look for Pegagan (Centella asitica) a kind of super food.

Several days ago I noticed that in that area there were lots of Pegagan, so I want to take some plant to be grown in my own garden.
I met my friend there.

He was noticing a Buah Asam or tamarind (Tamarindus indica) tree  near the parking area.
Yes, there are a mini fruit garden there, mostly grown in pot.

There're lots of tamarind fruits hanging on that tree.

Then he picked some ripe tamarind from the tree.

And he asked me to taste the ripe one... 

These're much bigger than common tamarind.


That's so sweet and creamy.

He continued picking the tamarind then gave me some and brought it home.
I let my family tasted these sweet tamarind.

Sweet and fresh...
The young fruits was a bit hard and crispy.
The taste was sweet-sour.

I like both of the ripe and younger fruit.
Thanks GOD.


  1. Dearest Endah,
    That is oh so special for having an opportunity to taste this fresh from the tree!

  2. I never ate Tamarind. It must be very pleasant to be able to eat the freshly picked fruit from the tree.

    1. yes, Maria. There are so much pleasure on tasting something freshly picked.