Sunday, October 4, 2020


 It's really a surprise...

I've been growing this Jambu Air or watery rose apple or wax guava (Syzygium aqueum) for more than 5 years. A very long time. I'm not sure when I planted it. This one is really neglected on the pot. It have moved for several time, and the last time I put it next to the porch, to get more  sunshine. Actually this little tree is sharing pot with self-grown Sauropus macranthus. Right now both of the plants are growing so lush on the same pot, after I add more compost and fertilizer for several times.

I'm so happy that  my wax guava is finally blooming or the first time. It should be blooming earlier if this plant get a good care. But I'm a really lazy gardener. I'm so sorry about that.

I hope all the blooms become a healthy fruits soon.

I can't wait to taste the ripe fruits.

Beautiful flowers...

fallen petals after rain...

Thanks GOD


  1. Hello Endah! This plant is so exotic for me! Its flowers are beautiful and remind me of snowflakes! I hope the plant will give you delicious fruit! It surprises me how well it's doing in a pot. I think it needed some time to mature to start producing lots of blooms and fruit.
    All the Best to you!

  2. Dearest Endah,
    How I loved eating those Watery Rose Apples. You know where? In Wonosobo at the Bruderan... So special.
    Never knew they had such special white flowers. Can't wait to see them develop into fruits!

    1. Oh... you're reminding me into my lovely childhood