Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Vanilla usually gets early flowering at the first year after transplanting.
The flowering season usually occur during the rainy season.

The flower clusters appear from the segment on the leaf axil. 

There are 15-25 flower buds each cluster, even more.

Vanilla does have a very beautiful flower.
It looks like a common orchid's flower.

The yellowish-green petal is so interesting.
It only blooms about 3-4 hours in the morning.
It usually blooms since 06.00-10.00 AM .

On the wildlife, this pollination is done by the little bee species.
The pistil position is rater closed.
It's not easy for the 'big' pollinator to get inside and do pollination.
On the farmland or garden, we usually do hand pollination.
The best time to do pollination is on the early morning. 
It's usually done at 06.00-08.00 AM, when the flower is full blooming.

Can you imagine how busy the farmers in the morning to do pollination during the flowering season.
They only have a limited time to do pollination on so many flowers that blooming at these time.
This was the last flowering season on September 2013.
It's so much pleasure to follow all section of this plant.
Next we will  talk about fruiting of this vanilla.
Have an aromatic day with my vanilla.


  1. To bardzo ciekawe. Pierwszy raz widzę kwitnącą wanilię. Te piękne kwiaty na pewno cudownie pachną.
    Gorąco pozdrawiam.

    1. Yes, a beautiful and useful plant, so valuable. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, so lovely. I love to visit this garden on the blooming season, so beautiful.

  3. WOW! You have a vanilla plant in your garden? I'm so green with envy!
    Your plant is looking great! Have you harvested the vanilla beans before?
    How I wish I have one in my garden!

    1. Oh sorry, it'not in my garden. It was in our Seedling Division. This was the third flowering season since we planted it on 2011. This year I've planned to grow vanilla in my home garden.

  4. My goodness that would be take a long time to hand pollinate. Is this vanilla growing in your garden? In my garden today I have green tomatoes. The watermelon is blooming.
    The green peppers are blooming. I have enjoyed these post on vanilla. Beautiful flower.
    Have a wonderful morning in Indonesia

    1. Oh sorry, this is not in my garden, but in our Seedling Division. In my garden, I'm finding green tomatoes too. But I've failed on growing watermelon and bell pepper, but I will try again and again.
      Thank you Teresa, and have a beautiful day.

  5. Does the flower smell of vanilla?

  6. mirip bunga anggrek. cantiiik....

  7. Endah, wonderful presentation of your very happy vanilla orchid. Thank you for the aromatic day! I can smell the fragrant even from where I am now haha... I look forward to seeing the pods ;-)

    1. Thank you. Please turn on your bluetooth and the vanilla fragrance will be sent soon... haha...

  8. These flowers have even vanilla colour! They're fantastic, I've never seen vanilla flowers before.

    1. Yes, they are so interesting, so beautiful, and only blooming once each year