Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My little Ceremai Manis (Phyllanthus acidus) tree is growing well on the little pot.
When we notice the whole of the of tree, that's really unbalanced.
The tree looks so high and the pot looks so small.
But that's true...

I have to move the pot from the existing place into new place next to the wall.
This little tree collapsed almost every day, caused by overload.
Than I put this little pot into  a bigger pot as we can see on the picture above. The real pot is small like as the little pot beside.
I put some bricks and stones on this pot to keep the tree stand on.
I'm a real lazy gardener.
This plant should be moved into bigger pot soon.
I have not been adding more soil or compost in this since two years ago, so long.
How lovely, that this plant grows so well with all limitation.
You can see the plant before here.

Look the fruits also hanging on the leaf's stalk, under the leaves.

The fruits are becoming yellowish, looks so fresh.

Today, I found a fallen fruit.

Then I tasted the fruit, but I think it was unripen.
The taste was still too "astringent".

I should wait till the fruit get ripen, but I don't know when....


  1. I used to eat pickles cermai when I was small. Have not eaten this in decades. We would sprinkle white sugar on the pickles and eat them. Really miss eating these!

  2. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.Obrigada !!!
    Suas plantas, todas elas são incríveis!

    Abraços, Marie.