Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is my Sawo tree today.
It's seem grow so slow.
Yeah, this little tree was covered by chayote and also velvet bean vines before.
Then I moved it into a new place.
I put it above the compost bin, here it get better space and also sunshine.

The fruits are still small.
We can see the little fruits here.
Actually the fruits are still little.
I should add more compost into this pot, it needs more food to grow up.
I don't know when it will grow bigger and ripe.

There are four fruits remain on this little tree.
Hoping they will safe and ripe.


  1. I hope it improves for you after the move x

  2. Sawo fruit looks like a kiwi. I believe it is very sweet and delicious. They are very slow growing I think, so I'm sure yours will do well! P. x

  3. Looks great! It should do better in more light. How is your new little one doing?

  4. Once it bears fruits, it is ready to tall and far.

  5. I never ate or seen this fruit before? are they sweet?