Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This is our newest raised bed this week.
Actually this is an old raised bed, but looks so poor before.
The soil was so tough.
Lots of shade here, limited sunshine.
After our neighbor trimed some Durian trees 'above' our backyard and we cut down the papaya tree, this space get bountiful sunshine.
I think it's a great place for growing vegetables.
This was the raised bed in September.

This was in the early of December.

And this was one the raised bed last week.
The edge of the bed needed to be fixed after it broken caused by the papaya tree fell on to this raised bed.

This is the new scene of the space this week.

The raised bed have already fixed.

The soil was ready to be planted on.

Look... my garden helper did weeding on the mixed raised bed.

New space, new growing season....


  1. Durian tree in neighbourhood? Wow!
    Your little helper is so helpful! Happy gardening!

    1. Thank you, Malar. Three very high durian trees made me crazy. Cause the shade, fallen leaves, fallen and branches alwaysn made any problems in our garden

  2. A gratidão é a memória do coração!
    Obrigada querida, pela sua amizade sempre tão amável, fico
    feliz em saber que em algum lugar desse mundo você existe. e
    agradeço a Deus por sua atenção carinhosa!
    Muitíssimo obrigada por compartilhar comigo os 04 anos do blog
    Algodão Tão Doce!!!!!!!
    Um big abraço, Marie.