Monday, January 16, 2017


This is our mrica/lada or dwarf white pepper patch.
I moved five pots of white peppers from the cap of the compost bin into the cap of the well about two weeks ago.

These plants are getting more sun shine here.
This plant actually loves part shady area.
It might too much sun here.

Look... lots of little pepper here.

We can also find some of red ripen fruits.

They are ready to be picked, and processed into dried black pepper.
Thanks GOD...


  1. So does black and white pepper come from the same plant?

    1. That's right, Sue! They're came from the same plant. Different process, the black pepper is processed by drying the whole fruit without peeled. And the white pepper is processed by soaking the whole fruit on the water for several days, then peeled when the peel have soften, the final is drying the seeds.