Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This is our new raised bed in the back yard.he
Finally, we cut the very high papaya tree between the raised beds.
I think the raised beds get better sunshine right now.

We use 100% of homegrown compost from the compost bin on the end of the bed.
The bed is full of self seedling plants.

Both of crops and weed are growing so lush here.

All  volunteer came from the compost heap that we use.

Lots of papaya seedling and also amaranths.

So many tomato seedlings.... 
I don't know about the variety.

I have no idea...
It's cucumber or melon/cantaloupe seedling.

The seedlings of Jagung jali (Coix lacryma) as an old fashion cereal, are growing like crazy here.

Some hot pepper seedlings are growing here and there.

The little Caladium are popping 
I think I have to tidy up this patch.
It may I have to choose which plants should be pulled out, transplanted or harvested.


  1. It will be exciting ti see what grows. A very mixed bed.

    1. yes, Sue, the volunteer some times grows much better than the main crop.

  2. That's good to have vegetables weeds volunteering! ;)