Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Finally, I can do blogging for a while. 
More than a month I couldn't do that.
So many reason... we had an poor internet connection and also I had enough time.
August was a very busy month in every single year.
So many special events in our country is in August.
Of course we used to spend more time for these events.
I will share you about our activities during August in a serial next.

Busy days and of course tiring days.
Only limited time to do gardening chores.
So... our garden was neglected.

Drought and caterpillar be serious problems in our garden during August.
I have to "steal" time although only for a while to watering our poor garden.

These pictures were taken in the middle of August.

Some spaces were empty, and another were full of weed.

The only bed that in good looking was broccoli patch.

This bed was in part shady area, so that was a bit avoided from drought and heat problem.
Long green pepper was growing happily here.

Plumeria flower buds were appearing from the stack of wasted plumeria branches. 
Tidying the garden is a must...


  1. Hello Endah!
    Beautiful is your garden in August season.
    I admire the cabbage and broccoli.
    Greetings from Poland.

  2. Lots of watering needed here too and netting to keep (or rather try to keep) the caterpillars off

  3. Allright you say lots of weeds and the garden is neglected, but I think it's still looking wonderful on the pictures. Love the colours of the cabbages. I should say keep calm and I am sure you fix it again. When you have time for it I wish you happy gardening!

  4. Honestly, your garden looks great. It does not look neglected to me. The produce looks healthy, and I couldn't really see the weeds. Looks like you will have many delicious meals ahead of you!

  5. It look so good Endah. The cabbages & Broccoli look so fresh and green! ;)

  6. Happy to see you back blogging again - look forward to reading what you've been up to!