Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Growing marigold is one of the most done on our list.
Marigold (Tagetes erecta) is well known as natural nematicide and also trap plant on organic gardening.
The flower is so beautiful too.
On October last year, my husband took some old flowers from a public area, then I sowed on the raised beds.

This was the little marigold on January, grew so lush and jostle.

And this week lots of flowers that emerged, but heavy rainfall almost everyday made some plants collapsed.

Pulled up, and safe the flowers as mosquito repellent.
A simple beauty...


  1. Very pretty, I've never picked mine for the house before xx

    1. Just enjoy the beauty, before they are thrown into compost heap.

  2. I love these flowers. My favorite are the ones with the orange and yellow petals.I plant them every year in my garden.

  3. Hi Endah, I knew that Marigolds are very helpful in organic gardening, but it didn't occur to me to pick them for a bouquet. They are certainly very cheerful!
    Warm regards,