Thursday, April 27, 2017


This raised bed was so bad in the early of April.
Very embarrassing, a lazy gardener!
I don't know how long I ignored this space.

This raised bed actually was for chili pepper, edible cosmos, eggplant, red amaranth, kangkung and green bean.
Lots of rain made this bed was full of weeds and self seedling vegetables.

The weed was so thick.

The red amaranths looked so poor.

We can find lots of self seedling Japanese lettuces and also edible cosmos (Cosmos caudatus).
A self seedling pumpkin that popped up among the gravel of the path way finally climbing on the A-trellis, scrambling space with the withered green bean vines.
Now, after we tidied up this raised bed, this bed is full for pumpkin.
We keep the volunteer grow well on the trellis.
And give more space on the path way for adding the compost.


  1. I didn't realise that there was an edible Cosmos - how interesting! Thank you for enlightening me!

  2. You have self-seedling pumpkin, Enadah, great. I need to grow seedlings at home and then to plant them outside in a soil. You're lucky!

  3. that's the wonderfulness of gardening, isn't it? A bed gets filled with weeds, you get rid of the weeds and with a bit of loving - you get yummy salad and pumpkin and space on the path.

  4. Mam nadzieję, że urosną Ci piękne dynie.
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

  5. Things - including the weeds - grow so quickly! Turn around and there they are ! Hopefully your pumpkins will grow just as quickly!

  6. Self seeding is a sign of plants being happy in their space.

    1. I think so, Sue. Right plant in the right space.