Sunday, April 2, 2017


Cosmos is a simple flower that grown in our tiny garden.
We're growing two species of Cosmos.
The first is edible Cosmos (Cosmos caudatus).
And the second is Cosmos sulphureus.
The second one is grown for its beautiful flower.
We have ever grown both of the orange and yellow flowered varieties, single and also double petal.
I sowed the seeds several months ago.
They germinated successfully, but the growth is so slow.
It might caused by the limited sun shine here in our backyard.
Now, after I tidied up this space from some vines, the space looks brighter than before.

So, we can find the flower buds from these cosmos plants.

Just enjoy the simple beauty.
Although the plants are not so healthy.
The leaves a bit curly, and the petal too.
It may the soil is not healthy enough.
Hoping they grow better.


  1. Cosmos have such a striking colour!

  2. Beautiful plants and great pictures.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't know how many time I failed on growing Cosmos bipinnatus

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