Monday, December 9, 2013


Yesterday was a real busy Sunday.
In the morning, we have to  bury our kitten  'HP'.
We lost her since four days ago.
I saw her for the last time four days ago, she looked so poor.
Yesterday morning, we found her in the bucket  on my back yard.
But she was dead.
We were so sad.
She so funny, cute and lovely.
We will always miss her.

Last togetherness with HP (Black and white with Long straight tail)
After that I had pruning my flowery hedges on the front yard.
During this rainy season they grow so fast, even  wildly.
A dense flowery bush...



Then, I had training and trimming my vines.

Chayote vine

pare and pumpkin vines

I also wrapped my pare fruits with plastic bags to keep them safe from the fruit flies.

Look  .... my compost bin became overloaded.

I couldn't work outside at the afternoon, cause I had downpour a long the afternoon.
Finally, I closed  the day by making two bottles of sweetened passion fruits concentrate juice.

How about your Sunday?
I wish you have a wonderful day.


  1. Si sirry about the kitten - did she get stuck in the bucket?

    Very gloomy weather here at the moment.

    1. I'm not sure. She was very active. Maybe she was looking for a cozy place to stay and take a rest. A couple of day before she was dissapear, she look stay alone. I wish you have s wonderful day.

  2. The kitty may have been sick and wanted to be by herself, looks like all of those cats would have a big play time.
    Your plants are looking good, we are still getting freezing rain. I just heard one of our cats scratching on the door for breakfast at 620am, better not keep her waiting.

    1. Yea, I guess she have been sick. She usually ate more than her friends and play a long the day. So she was the biggest kittens. She usually run here and there, also climb papaya and rambutan trees to get my attention. They were so jealous if I work in my garden.

  3. So sad you lost your kitten HP. Your passion fruit juice looks delicious.

    1. Thank you. Passion fruit juice is our favorite drink, so I have to make it

  4. So sorry about the little kitten... I would love to taste the Passion fruit drink. Your garden looks to nice. I can't wait for spring to start planing our gardens.

    1. Thank you. You have to taste the passion fruit drink, so delicious and tasty. I can't wait to see your spring garden. Thank you for coming.

  5. Too bad cat. Juice looks great. You have such lush vegetation. Yours sincerely overthrew :)

    1. Thank you. They are mostly tropical vegetation. Have a nice day.