Tuesday, December 24, 2013


This week I still got a few yield from my garden.
Down pour, fruit flies, fungus, snails and mouse attack made serious damage in my garden.
Pest and plants diseases every where.
Wet weather was really unfriendly with my garden. 
Late blight damaged so many greens.
Most of various fruits were damaged by fruit flies.
Poor garden...

But I still found passion fruits, lemons, tricolor hot peppers and kembang telang from my front yard.

From my back yard I found so a lot of pare, green little hot peppers (cabe rawit hijau), green amaranths, green onions, tomatoes, kangkong, sweet potato leaves,  kara leaves and papaya leaves.

From my terrace garden I got green onion, creamy hot peppers (cabe rawit putih) and green mustard.
And from my balcony I got acid oranges and dewandaru. 

Actually  just a few things, but I'm lucky I still found something from my garden this week.
How about your garden this week?


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    1. Thank you for stopping by. Actually I love both of gardening and writing. I will visit your site soon.