Sunday, December 22, 2013


In international trade, Dewandaru (Eugenia uniflora L) is well known as Pitanga or Brazillian cherry.
This plant is not popular for its fruits in Indonesia.
But, in the world wide (of course including Indonesia) there are so many studies and researches about Eugenia uniflora (Dewandaru).


The leaf  is believed contain essential oil, it's called Pitanga leaf oil.
The essential oil is rich in vitamins and most important is very rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)  that have been used for skin and hair rejuvenation.
This oil has strong astringents properties (naturally high tannin content) and is good to normalize excessive sebum production on scalp (oily hair).

This oil also has repellent properties as well.
Extracts from the leaves and the essential oil are considered to be effective against many diseases, and are therefore used in popular traditional medicines.
The essential oils from Eugenia uniflora leaves is believed contain substances found in no other plant. 

The Pitanga leaf oil is used against fever, diabetes, rheumatism, stomach disease, diarrhea, weight loss, to treat  hypertension, yellow fever, gout, malaria,  menstrual stimulant, expectoration and digestive aid.

The fruit is really useful in so many industries; foods, cosmetics also pharmacy.
In cosmetics industries, the Eugenia uniflora has important use in anti-acne creams and aids in facial revitalizing lotions and creams. 
Eugenia uniflora is rich in lycopene a carotene which has been shown to have valuable antioxidant properties.

Eugenia uniflora seeds have low protein content (4.33%), so it has been studied to be used as a source of protein in animal feed. 
The extract of seeds  is rich in components similar to those presented in leaves and fruit.
So, the extract can be used for pharmacological or cosmetics purposes.

Do you still doubt about this plant?
I think you have to collect this plant.
Add this plant, and let it be a new member of your home garden. 

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  1. It's amazing how many plants hold the secret ti beating diseases which is one reason why it is important to save the rain forests.

    1. Yes, we should save our wonderful nature. Everytime we explore our nature, we always found something new, more and more

  2. Another amazing plant, so many uses.