Sunday, December 22, 2013


Today is 'Hari Ibu' or Mother's Day for Indonesian.
Every December 22, we always celebrate that day.
This moment is celebrated in order to remind us to our mother's love, hard works, struggles, patience and all that they have been given for us.
We all know that mother's love is so pure. 
I think mother's love like as flowers.
They have so many various fragrance; soft, mild, bland or strong fragrance.
But all of fragrances are so beautiful, interesting and have a noble goal.


Maybe I'm not a good mother, moreover a perfect mother.
But I always try to do the best that I can to be a good mother.
With all of my love and affection... for my children and my husband.
I'm so sorry my honey, I still can't like your expectation.
Thank you very much to  my lovely mother for all of you love and live. 
My prayers are always for your best.
For all mothers in the world....Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Happy mothers' day Endah - I'm sure your are a great mum.

  2. Happy mother’s day Endah, it’s fun how mothers are celebrated on different days of the year around the world. In Norway, where I come from, mothers are celebrated on Sunday 9th February in 2014 and here in Britain where I now live, mothering Sunday is 30th March in 2014.

    1. Thank you. Every country have their own Mothers Day. I think that moment are celebrated in different days, cause they have their own histories. So interesting to hear that

  3. I wish you a Happy mother's day. Do you know we celebrate Mother's day on the first Sunday in May in Holland. So funny that all over the world the dates are different.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you allright. If every country have their own Mothers Days in different dates, maybe a half of the year are used to celebrate This moment...

  4. Happy Mothers Day Endah....you sound like a wonderful mother full of kindness and love to your family. I hope it was a great day for you. Beautiful flower that's a geranium isn't it?

  5. Happy Mother's Day! What a wonderful message--and using the language of flowers. I'm sure you are a very good mother.