Sunday, December 15, 2013


Colorful balcony...
Ya, my Dewandaru show me its fruits!

nearly mature and young fruits

Dewa means deity.
Ndaru is Javanese term that means glow or shine.
Dewandaru (Eugenia uniflora)  is well known as Pitanga, Surinam Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, or Cayenne Cherry.
Dewandaru is a large shrub or small tree.
This plant is a member of Myrtaceae family.

hanging fruits

This is the second fruiting season of this plant since I planted it about two years ago.
I planted it on the big pot at my front balcony beside my acid orange.
Right now, I can find its flowers, fruit sets, green young fruits, medium ripe fruits and also mature fruits on the same time.

the little tree

This plant natives from South America.
In Javanese tradition, Dewandaru is a sacred plant that give us so many luck.

colorful fruits

Because its unique shape and colorful fruits, this cherry is often planted as ornamental.
This shoots and young leaves have a reddish color.
So that, it used to be popular as a hedge plant, become densely  branched when trimmed regularly.
Do you interested with this fruit?
So... enjoy this series.


  1. Replies
    1. Kalau sudah matang penuh rasanya manis segar sedikit asam mirip belimbing.

  2. It is interesting, never seen one so I suspect that they don't grow where it is cold.

    1. I think you can try to grow this plant in the pot on your porch. As long as I know that this plant use to grow in tropics and subtropics

  3. The fruit reminds me of baubles hanging from a Christmas tree.

  4. That's a lovely looking shrub, with or without the fruit. I'm wondering if the fruit is edible. Do you know the latin name of this plant, Endah? I'd like to look it up and know more about it!

    1. The fruits are edible and have sweet sour taste. The latin name is Eugenia uniflora syn. Eugenia michellii