Thursday, February 26, 2015


The ripen fruit will turn yellow.
The skin and flesh will be smoother and sometimes cracked.
We can peek the inner side of the fruit...

When the immature fruit is split, we can find lots of white seeds and pith.
They still tender and smooth.
Actually it's usually removed when it will be cooked, cause it's  non edible part of this fruit.

On the medium maturity, the pith is turn reddish.
And the seed become a little harder.

Through the time, the fruit will get ripen and the seed turn harder.
The pith will turn red and become softer also juicier.
The seed will turn creamy into brownish.

Look the differences between the young, medium and ripen seeds.
The pith on the young pare is so difficult to be removed from the seed, but on the medium stage the pith is fairly easy to be removed.

I use to wash the ripen seeds, and cleans from the red pith.
Then, it will be dried and then saved for the next planting.
An easy way to get pare seed from our own garden.

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