Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Pare plant is herbaceous vine more than 7 meters.
Pare leaf has a unique shape.

The leaves bear simple, alternately.
The diameter is about 5-12 cm.
Each leaf has three to seven deeply separated lobes.

It has tendrils on the nodes.

The vine with its leaves are so beautiful foliage for me.

The leaf has a little bit bitter taste, but some times it has plain taste.
It's not just beautiful, but also so tasty.
On some place the leaves are cooked as curry, stir fried or tempura.
You can see my recipe from pare leaves here.

The leaves are sometimes used to treat diabetes, cause the juice of the leaves can reduce glucose level on the blood.

Look my pare vine...,  the leaves look so dense.
I have to give more support to keep pole sturdy.
Next we will talk about the flower.
Thank you for following and have a nice week!


  1. Salam Endah,

    Enak di goreng sama telur hancur kan? Nyum nyum!

  2. That vine looks very healthy, nice leaves. I also just read your former post, so it is a Momordica.....,forgotten the total name, but I´m looking forward to see the flowers of this ´pare vine´, I guess they are yellow, like the cucumber flowers.

    1. Yes, you're absolutely right. It has yellow flower.

  3. What a plant! Beautiful, tasty and with an important medicinal value. Your photos are wonderful!

  4. Cantik dan subur pokoknya. Kalau peria kecil begitu disini dipanggil peria katak.