Friday, October 2, 2015


October 2 is our Batik's Day.
Batik is one of Indonesian cultural heritage.
Batik is our traditional fabric.
Mostly are hand print, like as painting.
Today, almost of Indonesian are wearing Batiks.

Schools, offices and every where here are full of peoples that wearing Batiks.
Happy Batik's Day...  


  1. Beautiful! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Beautiful ....Very talent to be able to paint those.....Enjoy your Batik's Day!

  3. Batik is a beautiful fabric. A long time ago when we visited Indonesia, we have seen how they painted the fabric with little pipes, so interesting. And yes, I bought several fabrics to make skirts at home.
    Wish you a nice Batik Day!

  4. Happy Batik Day, Endah!
    Many years ago I bought a scarf made in Batik style, it was wonderful.

  5. That’s a nice thing to have, a special day for batik. Many years ago I use to make my own batik and I made clothes from the material – skirts and tops. I mostly used small rubber bands to make pattern in the material when dying, but I have also painted on silk.