Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This week, I didn't get a lot of thing from my garden.
I have unloaded beds and pots for new planting in many lots.

From my front yard, my passion fruit was starting its harvesting time.
Everyday we collect some fallen fruits on the ground.
Can you find my hidden passion fruit?

My lemon tree looks so plentiful.
I planted it near my gate.
I pick some lemon fruits.

 These are my Vitamin C sources from my front yard.

I also pick green globular eggplants, cabe rawit ungu, triwis and kembang telang.

cabe rawit ungu

From my beds in my back yard I got pare,  cabe rawit, hot pepper, tomatoes, green onion, green chives, kara leaves, papaya leaves, leunca, triwis (cabbage sprouts) and green amaranths.


cabe rawit ijo
triwis (cabbage sprouts)

From my balcony, I still found dewandaru and acid oranges.
And from my terrace garden I got cabbage sprouts, green onion, green chives, red lettuce, celery and red amaranths.
This month maybe I just get a few yield.
I must be patient to wait my new crops show me their best performance, and give me their plentiful yields.
I wish...
How about yours?


  1. You have such a variety and it seems that something is always in season. It is going to be too cold here for a long time for much other than can survive below freezing like the greens. At least the weeds get killed except for a few that survive like the greens.

    1. You allright, everything in our garden have their own season. I guess, winter is the rest time for your garden and it will wake up in the spring on its best condition.

  2. Are those yellow flowers from the passion fruit vine?

    1. Oh no, they are Arachis pintoi or false peanut. I plant it as a ground cover under the passion fruit vine. You can see my passion fruit flowers on my older post in September

    2. I thought these were another strange variety of passion fruit.

    3. Someday I will post another varieties of passion fruits from my country.

  3. The real treasures in you. Recognize new plants thanks to you. It's very informative. Thank you :)

    1. I share my experience and what I know through my blog. So we can share each other.