Wednesday, March 12, 2014


After a long time we have been looking for this variety, finally we found this peach variety of Nusa Indah (Bangkok Rose).
The name is similar with mine (hmmm...)
My family, especially my husband, really love this flower.
Last year, we had five varieties. 
But the red and yellow varieties were died.
Now we have three plants remains.

We planted it from cutting stem in the end of August 2013.
I cut the stem from a plant on country road side after we visited our big family.

I'm not sure about the variety before.
We planted stems three varieties on three pots on the same place.
I forgot to put marking on the pots, so we didn't know which one is the peach variety.

This variety is so rare.
This is an old fashion ornamental plant.

Last Monday I when I was checking my raised beds on my back yard, I found this Nusa Indah was starting the blossom.

The color was too pale.
Look the little bud in the center....
The colorful part is modification of the leaves.

Like a velvet...
I can't wait to see the progress forward.


  1. What a wonderful flower!
    I think the petals also will be so soft.

  2. White with a pink border: what a beautiful flower.

  3. Replies
    1. Suitable with the name:
      'Nusa' means island and 'indah' means beautiful

  4. It looks lovely Endah, well done.

  5. Endah, is another beautiful plant from your garden.
    Greetings from a distant spring Polish.

  6. Nusa Indah or Bangkok rose what a beauty, the red velvet border of the flower is amazing.

    1. Thanks Janneke. It's not easy to find this variety right now. When I was a little girl, we could find this plant almost in every home yards. Right now, we only have small space for gardening so no place for this plant