Friday, March 21, 2014


Scented & Blended Teas
Most brands of tea sold in the market usually have a unique blend of the brand from a variety of different tea leaves
Good taste of high quality tea usually can cover the taste of low quality tea, so the tea quality can be improved and can be sold at a more reasonable price.  
Tea blending process will keep the taste of a particular brand of tea held steady throughout the period.

Historically, teas scented with the blossoms of flowers were first produced during the age of the Ming Dynasty in China, an era during which their arts and textiles, including fine porcelain, embroidery, and paintings, embodied beautiful and elaborate floral patterns. 
The most enduring tea developed during this time and considered a classic, is the jasmine scented green tea, a favorite still today throughout northern China and indeed much of the world.

Teh melati (Jasmine tea)
The most popular scented tea in Indonesia is Jasmine tea. 
Jasmine tea is made by mixing the jasmine buds ready to bloom.  

Before being mixed with jasmine buds, leaf tea must go through humidification process that can be attached to the fragrant jasmine tea leaves.

Melati gambir (Jasminum officinale)
The best scent is came from Melati gambir (Jasminum Officinale).
Jasmine flowers will be picked in the morning when the tiny petals tightly closed. Jasmine flowers then kept cold until sunset.  
In the evening, when the jasmine petals begin to open, the tea leaves mixed with jasmine flowers and then stored overnight.  
Through the night jasmine flowers will open and release their scent into the tea
It takes four hours or so for the tea leaves to absorb the fragrance and flavor of jasmine flowers, this process can be repeated as many as six or seven times.  
Tea absorbs moisture from fresh jasmine flowers so that the tea should be heated to prevent spoilage.

Jasminum officinale : full bloom, ready to bloom and young buds

The typical of jasmine tea flavor is mellow and sweet.
The taste of tea is usually regarded as a lightweight and easier to enjoy. 
The fragrant of jasmine flower will spread when the jasmine tea is brewed, and the taste is sweet soft.
So, the jasmine tea is became  favorite beverage in my family.
Ideally, the best jasmine tea starts with plucked tea leaves which are steamed to produce green tea. 
The scenting operation is usually carried out in the evening, when the plucked but unopened buds begin to pop open and release their fragrance. 
The leaves are then refired, to remove the moisture in the blossoms and preserve the taste. 
Now, we can also find black and oolong jasmine scented teas.

Another traditionally scented tea is the Rose tea, which are large leafed black teas scented with rose petals.  
Other scented teas is fruit scented teas.
The traditional fruit scented teas include the Lichee tea and  citrus tea.
Both of them which is a black tea scented with the juices from the lichee or citrus fruit. 

Today, there is a great variety of scented teas available in the market. 
Some of the more successful new blends start with green, black, or oolong teas that have been scented with  fruits aroma as apples, mango, grape, blackcurrant, strawberry, or pineapple.

The other popular tea are teas that include chocolate, ginger, vanilla, mint, coconut, or even a combination of these bold and new flavors.

Reader, do you like scented tea too?
Have a nice week end with your own tea.


  1. I used to get a lot of scented tea but over the last few years I have gone back to just the orange pekoe "lipton" style.

    1. Usually the real tea lovers drink the original taste of tea. I think you are a real tea lover

  2. Very interesting .... I like the red tea with honey;)
    Good weekend.
    A kiss.

    1. Yes, it's very delicious.
      Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend

  3. I wanted to try making my own rose tea but I don't know what rose to use. Can it be any rose?

    1. As long as I know, rose tea made from any kind of roses which have strong fragrance.

  4. I have a variety of scented tea, mostly for friends visiting. I personally like plain tea, though I do enjoy Earl Grey tea in the afternoon. Rose tea is also one I enjoy during summer.

    1. Wow, sounds so delicious and aromatic. That's really interesting