Sunday, March 9, 2014


Finally I can taste my 'Rocky'.
I had promised to my regular readers to share about the inside of this pumpkin.

ten days after harvest

Several days after the pumpkins have picked, the skins color were turning brown-yellow.
I can't wait to taste them! 
But I didn't have much time to work in my kitchen, to make special dishes from this pumpkin.

On Friday I had a chance to cook it.
When I was splitting the fruit, I found the yellow flesh inside.
I think it's not too thick, only about 2.5 - 3 cm.

Then I removed the seeds, and I chopped it in to small pieces.

Once more, I haven't had much time to make any dishes from this pumpkin.
So... a simple way to taste the original taste is steaming it in a saucepan of boiling water or stewing it.
There's no additional ingredient, so... this is a real and original taste.
I cooked the chopped flesh for about 30 minutes.

ready to be steamed

The steamed pumpkins flesh was ready to be tasted.
I was very curious...
I put one piece... and tasted...
Hmmm.... very very sweet...
The flesh was so soft and smooth. 
This pumpkin have fairy dry flesh, not juicy.
The local pumpkin have juicy flesh if its have steamed.  
It's look like a sweet potato, but much sweeter and softer.
Steamed pumpkin flesh
The flesh was strongly attached to the skin, and the skin was accidentally ingested.
A soft and sweet skin.
Finally we ate both of the flesh and skin.

The skin

My husband liked it very much, of course me too...
I have to grow it again...


  1. Looks amazing! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Pumpkin looks very appetizing.
    With orange jam is delicious.
    I love pumpkins. Always soot them in your garden.
    Greetings of distant Polish...

    1. Thanks Lucia. There are so many variation of dishesh from pumpkin. They look so delicious.

  3. Success. It's got such a warty looking skin, not so attractive, but it's the taste that counts.

    1. Thank you Jo. The skin is so unique, and the flesh is so delicious. Complete...

  4. Looks really great. The flesh reminds me of a variety (don't know the name) that people plant here in my country. It's also very very sweet.

    1. Really? Sound so interesting. I want to grow the other varieties and taste their delicious flesh.

  5. A really unusual looking pumkin, but it sounds delicious.

    1. Yes CJ, this is a new variety for me. I bought it caused by its unusual skin shape.

  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed it after all your hard work on growing them! I made some soup from a Crown Prince pumpkin at the weekend with onions and vegetable stock and that had a very sweet nice taste of pumpkin.

    1. Thanks Pumpkin Lady, I have to learn about pumpkin, you are one of my 'pumpkin' teachers

  7. I would like to try that..we don't have that type here. I love sweet potatoes, so I will like this.

  8. The pictures of these pumpkins are really gorgeous, like the colours, but after tasting they seem to be delicious too, a good choice.

    1. Thanks Janneke. The taste is more than my expectation, really delicious

  9. Hello! I am new to your blog;the pumpkin story inspires me as I live on the coast in Central Queensland and struggle to grow many things in the tropical climate.Pumpkins? Never! But, yes, you inspire me.

    1. Hi Dinahmow. I hope you can try grow pumpkin someday. Thanks for stopping by