Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Tea leaves and shoots from the plantation will be processed in a tea factory.
The factory is usually located  in the plantation area.


The first step is grading the raw material.
To get the high quality tea, we have to use the fine plucking shoots.

Tea grouped by the way of processing. 
Tea leaves will soon wilt and oxidize if not dried quickly after picking. 


The drying process makes the leaves turn dark, due to the breakdown of chlorophyll and element release tannins.  

Air drying process
The next process in the form of wet heating with steam in order to evaporate the water content in the leaves and the oxidation process can be stopped at a predetermined stage.
Processing of tea leaves is often referred to as " fermentation " despite the fact that the use of the term is not appropriate. 
Tea processing does not use yeast and no ethanol is produced just like the actual fermentation process.
Processing tea can cause fungus that resulted in the fermentation process. 
Tea that has been fermented with mold should be discarded, because they contain toxic substances and carcinogenic elements.
Next, we will talk more about the grouping of tea.
I hope you enjoy your tea time.