Sunday, January 4, 2015


What do you feel if your lovely plant is died suddenly?
I'm sure you will so sad.

I've been feeling so sad since my lovely Pelargonium was died.
Yes, it was about a year ago when we got a strong wind a long the day, and the pot of this plant was fall down from my balcony on to the garage roof.

That was so messy, the soil was here and there.
I planted the Pelargonium on the new pot.
But what a shame, it didn't work.

I have been loosing my only one Pelargonium.
Actually, this plant is so easy cultivated by cutting.
But I don't know why I failed and failed again.

Actually I grew it for the first time from cutting, and it was doing well.
I think I planted it on the right time, so I got success.

It's not easy to grow this plant on my hot weather.
Actually I'm so glad that my Pelargonium grew so healthy.
But that was in the past.

Now, I have to look for the substitute.
I've been missing this beauty.


  1. Maybe you could try to grow it again thanks to someone who has a pelargonium around you?

  2. I had the same thing happen, but with lavender. Hope you find one that will grow!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think every gardener have ever had the same experience.

  3. beautiful flower, no wonder you still missing it till now..

  4. We do become attached to some plants don't we?

  5. Growing plants in different climates remains so interesting. Pelargoniums are about the most easiest plants to grow here in our country, but we have to take them inside before frost starts. I think it's always sad when one of our wonderful plants die, I know that....

  6. Salam endah..
    hope not too late to wish u happy new year..
    wonderful flower...i can feel your sadness...but i believe u wil give your effort to grow it..gud luck...

    1. Salam Ana,
      Thank you, I wish you have a wonderful year in 2015.

  7. So glad you pushed on friend! I feel this way with several plants! I know the feeling when it finally works! Yay! So happy for you!!!

    1. You're right. The same feel for gardeners. No time to stop planting...
      Keep warm and be safe...