Thursday, January 29, 2015


Actually, oyong is a very easy growing plant.
If the plant is obtained adequate nutrition, the plant will grow so fast.
The black flat seed is taken from dry ripen fruit.

The seed will germinate 7-10 days after sowing.
If we soak the seed on the warm water for about a night, it will be germinated faster, about 5-6 days.
Soil that rich of organic material and has medium humidity will stimulate best growth.
The growth will so fast during the rainy season, but the best yield is usually on the dry season.

Sometimes we can find lots of black ants on this vine, but they won't be make serious problem.
People says that these ants help the pollination.

Not all of the pollination get success.
Sometimes deficiency of nutrition or organic material make the vine looks so poor.
The leaves and stem will smaller, and the fruit set won't be developed.
Just stuck and turns yellowish.

Look my poor vine...
Actually lots of fruit sets there, but no one grow into long big fruit.
So, after I added more compost and give regular watering, the vine turned so fresh and the fruit became formed normally.

Sometime bugs make some holes on the leaves, but they don't make serious problem on the plant growth.
But little green caterpillars always make serious problem on the leaves.

Fruit flies always make serious problem, so when the rainy season has come, I have to wrapped the fruits to keep them safe from these bugs.

We need long plastic wrap to keep them protected.

If the media and the weather are suitable, this vine will produce fresh fruit for about 3-4 months continously until the vine is dried and died.
Next we will talk about the benefits of oyong.
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  1. That is amazing! Look at the size of those leaves!!!!! Well done friend! Nicole xo

    1. Yes, they grow so well during the rainy season.

  2. Wow! Good harvest! Happy eating!

  3. Good morning (?),
    what an amazing plant! Have a nice weekend!
    Yours, Sarah

  4. It looks like you'll have plenty to harvest.

  5. Is this oyong like zucchini? We have black ants living on different veggies too, Endah.
    Good harvest!

    1. Yes, the taste is almost similar to zucchini. Thank you, Nadezda.