Sunday, January 18, 2015


As usual, we did Sunday walks.
Just walked along the road side and get sight seeing.
Sometime we enjoy the 'street foods' for culinary experience.
Every Sunday we have car free day program on our town square down town.
There are a lot of citizen do so various activities there.
Sport, art, gathering, games, and many more.
And so many food counters that serve so many traditional foods there.
Last week, we enjoyed 'sate ayam' or chicken satay, our favorite traditional food.

It's made from chopped chicken that have marinated on spices and soy sauce.
The chopped chicken will be arranged on 'lidi' or sada (coconut leaf stick), then grilled on the wooden charcoal.

The satay will be served with little pieces of 'ketupat' and peanut sauce.
Ketupat is rice that filled in the coconut leaves case, then cooked for about six hours.

Look... my son was really enjoying it.

The plate is made from coconut leaves sticks too...
Will you taste it...