Sunday, January 25, 2015


After a long series of coconut, so for this monthly series.
now we will talk about one of my favorite vegetables.
Oyong (Luffa acutangula syn. Cucumis acutangulus) is member of Cucurbitaceae family.

This vegetable is a popular vegetable in tropical area, especially in Indonesia.
We can find them are sold on the traditional markets or groceries.
In Indonesia this vegetable is well known as Oyong, Gambas or Petola.
On the world wide this vegetable is called angled loofah, ridged gourd, Chinese okra, sponge gourd, vegetable gourd, ribbed loofah, dish cloth gourd, and many more.

This vegetables always present on my garden all year round.
As annual plant I grow this vegetables alternately on my garden.
I can pick this vegetable almost every time, so we can see this vegetable on my harvest basket.

Next we will talk more a lot of  about Oyong.
Do you grow this vegetables on your garden?


  1. It looks like our cucumber.........

  2. I think I had never heard of it, so I'll be glad to learn more.