Saturday, January 24, 2015


This rainy season is so hard for us.
Rain falls almost everydays.
The weather is so wet and cool when the rain falls and after it.
But before the rain falls, the weather is so hot and sweaty.
This weather make lots of people get flu.
We are lucky, we all keep healthy during this hard season.

Just less time on gardening.
So many flowers are blooming, make our home garden has a beautiful smell and so colorful.
Both of cool color and warm color are blended.give us more warmness.
Bright color from so many flowers and foliage 
Too much rain, just limited time to do outdoor activity, especially gardening.
Cool weather make us stay at home enjoy the warmness of our little family.
For all of my friends, keep warm keep healthy.
Enjoy your own current season...
Have a wonderful weekend with your family...


  1. Endah, it's pity you're in a cold season. What's the temp? All day is raining, br, br.
    Your azalea is beautiful, it's true!
    Take care!

    1. Thank you, Nadezda. I think this current season the temperature is fairly warm for you, it's about 20 celsius. but for me it's so cool