Monday, October 26, 2015


This is my western backyard this month...
Seems lots of progresses.
Lets check it up...

This is the washing area...
Some seedling trays still lay here.
We can see the creamy chayote vine become longer and longer...
The red basils grow so healthy, oh... I'm so happy...
The only one rosemary looks so lush, and I've been planning to multiply this herb by cutting.

Some little fruit trees that grown on the pots are covering the top of well.

Some vines are covering the wall.
Bitter gourd, kecipir, and rare beans are growing so thrive.

The tiny corn patch looks so thrive...

This is the northern side...

Self seedling water squashes are so lush...
I have no idea what should I do with these seedlings.
No space anymore for these vines.

I moved the vertical rack to the southern area, and put the A-stake near the L-shape raised bed.

I grow green bean here.

Under the A-stake there are two rows of eggplant pots.

The L-shape raised bed is better now.
Both of red and green amaranth are so thrive.
And the green chayote is growing much better than before.

This one is from the orchid patch...
The Dendrobium Aphyllum is blooming on the wall...

Kecombrang or torch ginger on the corner, near the compost bin is showing me the first flower bud.
Side by side with milkweed, tomato and edible cosmos, all looks so well.

New patch of green bean, have already blooming.

Thanks GOD for this blessing...
Happy gardening friend!


  1. Endah,
    I'm delighted with your beautiful vegetable garden.
    All plants are healthy and wonderfully presented.
    I think that your family is very happy that you have many of their organic vegetables.
    Greetings from Poland.

    1. Thank you, Lucia. We are so glad that most of vegetables that we need are ready on our home garden.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Lisa. And we should caring them intensively.

  3. Wah bagus betul Endah, semua bahagian sayuran nampak betul2 hijau dan subur. pokok labu tu..suka tengok daunnya...

    1. Terima kasih, Kak Mala. Saya pun suka melihatnya.

  4. Wow, you have so many veggies growing! So envious of your space. I sowed too many varieties of seeds, that I'm having a headache on where to place them!

    1. Oh please... me too. I have to think hard to plant so many veggies on my tiny garden. So limited space!

  5. Nie do wiary, że na tak małej przestrzeni rośnie tyle odmian i wszystkie wyglądają znakomicie. Cieplutko pozdrawiam.