Thursday, December 18, 2014


As a nice surprise...
Last Sunday, when I did weeding my raised beds on my eastern backyard, I found something interesting!

Yes... my 'Bunga Desember' or Blood Lily (Haemanthus multiflorus) was showing me its flower bud.
Bunga means flower, and Desember means December.

This flower usually bloom on the beginning of the rainy season, it happens during November until December every year.
But this is for the first time my Bunga Desember is blooming.

I grew three little bulbs about three years ago.
I guess, the bulb have already mature enough to produce the flower.
During the dry season this plant get dormancy, and start to grow on the beginning of rainy season.
On the mature bulbs, the flowers usually pop up first, then followed by the leaves.

Look my flower this morning...

The red ball among the ginger plant, so striking!

So beautiful...
I really love it!

What a shame that I only use phone camera, because my Android camera get trouble.

Whatever... please enjoy the beauty.


  1. Yes, allium was my first thought too! Very pretty, and it's always nice when something flowers after years of waiting for it!

    1. Yes, you're right Helene. All of our efforts have paid.

  2. Sangat cantik ... belum ada dalam koleksi lagi

    1. Betul Kak Mar, sangat cantik. Saya suka memandangnya berlama-lama dari jendela dapur.

  3. Beautiful so worth the wait..what a nice surprise. Do you grow a plant we call a
    Christmas cactus or real name schlumbergera or Zygocatcus ? My Christmas cactus
    hasn't bloom in 3 years. It has only bloom the first year I bought it. I Can not figure out what I am doing wrong with this plant??

    1. Oh, no, I don't. I have never heard about that cactus before. Actually, I often found that case. Maybe it needs a special handling to make it get flowering.

  4. Salam endah
    its really cheerful flower!
    Im waiting for my plant and..wonder how does it looks like in my garden

    1. Salam Ana,
      I hope your plant will grow so healthy. Happy gardening!